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Easter Friday 2018 in Canada
Easter is most widely celebrated Christian event that is also a religious holiday. It is observed as the event that is most important for the Christians after Christmas. There is a difference between the dates of celebrating Easter Friday in Orthodox Christians and Catholics. The Easter Friday is focused on Christ’s date of death. Orthodox Christians follow Julian calendar and Western Christians go according to the lunar calendar. Among Orthodox Christians, there is also much confusion among the users of revised Julian calendar and old Julian calendar.

Rituals and Symbols

Many people take a firm fast on this day especially Orthodox Christians. There are many afternoon liturgies and evening processions. Many women in catholic and orthodox community wear a head scarf during the prayers. People ornament Easter eggs as the preparations for Easter Sunday. People do fasting and meditation. Most of the people strictly avoid eating meat during that day. Drinking and selling of Alcohol is also not regarded as a good practice because of the respect associated with the event. Good Friday 2018 Greetings Quotes Images Wishes

There is no holiday announced by the federal government in Canada at Eastern Friday. Most of the people go according to their routines. However, there can be some issues with the traveling and parking conditions. These issues are because of the liturgies, parades and plays held at different places.


Normal practices include preparation of Easter eggs on Easter Friday in Canada. People beautifully decorate the eggs and use red color mostly to symbolize Christ’s blood. Most people eat hot cross buns. There is a small cross on the bun, and the bun is specially made in a pale color that remains even after baking the bun. The top is covered with crushed sugar.

According to the Canadian national and Defense forces, Orthodox Christians show their difference in opinion and position from Catholic churches due to their certain reasons. One of the reasons is that the term Orthodox means the right to worship and teachings. So they consider themselves better than the western Catholic churches. In doing so, they conduct Easter Friday on different dates. There are also many differences in Roman and Canadian Orthodox Catholics.


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